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Feb 26 10 7:00 AM

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Since I've gotten a few emails about this, I'd like to clarify this for everyone.
I know the standard for "published" work is any posting in the public domain- including forums, blogs, workshops that are public.

For Wicked East Press-Definition of Published:
-Print book
-Print magazine
-Print Newspaper
-Contest Win On-line

If you have work shopped a piece on line and are wanting to rework the piece (polish, edit, drastically change), and you don't list it as a publishing credit EVER-- then the piece is considered unpublished by Wicked East Press.

Any other questions... please feel free to email me, comment here, or send a private message. I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

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Dec 11 11 4:43 PM

I have a question. If a story is published in an ezine that ceases publication and goes off the net (no archive, no presence on the net), is that story still considered "published"? I have a couple of really good to stories that have gone that way. I wonder if I could submit them again elsewhere. They were published once but now do not have any availability to readers. I'm curious about this question.


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Ink Weaver

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Dec 11 11 11:56 PM

Hi David,

Personally - and it is only my opinion - I would say that the story had been published, and from a press pov you would submit it as a reprint. That said however, I would just explain that in the cover letter, and let the press decide themselves.

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Jan 1 12 4:41 PM

It would be considered a reprint. Even when you think there is no archive, there in an internet archive that does keep all pages. I had to search one before and was surprised as the ezine had been gone for years.

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