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Jul 8 10 1:34 AM

I've got a few takers for the "Down the Rabbit Hole" anthology. Anyone else? This would be along the lines of Alice and Dorothy...alternate realities...but DOES NOT have to be based on either of them. I'm consulting with an artist right now and have a KILLER idea for the cover, but want to make sure I'll have authors to fill the pages behind the art.


I would certainly write for that.  Sounds like an awesome concept.  Fwiw, the slasher film idea sounds less compelling (but I am not a slasher film fan, so what do I know?)

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Jul 8 10 6:34 AM

I'm in negotiations with the artist for this cover. It will be a long time coming (as it is rather detailed) but the open call won't be official for quite some time either, so we're good.

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Inky Fingers

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Jul 8 10 4:37 PM

I love the rabbit hole idea.  I'm a huge fan of like shared world ideas, you know the way Tim Burton messed with wonderland or the way Tin Man made Oz really cool.  I'd totally do something for this.  I will def write something for this, m'dear!  Sign me up!

Lotsaluv, Em

Beware the Vampire Bunnies...

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#24 [url]

Jul 8 10 6:57 PM

Working on final contract for artwork. It will be awhile, since this is a 2012 pub. But it is going to be so worth the wait...I promise!
Glad to have you aboard Em. I'm going to hold you to that, by the way.

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May 16 12 4:06 PM

I think I submitted for Down the Rabbit Hole. Is this really the last time this thread was used? July 2010? Wow. This is 2012 and I'm just now reading this.

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Aug 30 12 12:09 AM

Jessica Dear, where are you? It's been far to long darling and your absence is being felt by us all. Please give us updates and at the very least let us know you are all right.

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Nov 30 12 4:50 PM

I am still alive. Been backlogged due to my silent partner...but working around that.

I also have had some family issues...still working on them, but have made it a bit easier for me to have some time to myself.

I've had a couple of surgeries in the last few months, but fully recovered and doing much better.

I've also returned to work on the weekends, but I do volunteer work during the week for my job. I am now an animal care tech at my local shelter.

But the hits will keep coming from's all about adapting and overcoming.


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Shadow Lurker

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#30 [url]

Jan 23 13 10:50 PM

Are there any anthologies that accept poetry? Since I are a poet.

David-Poet, Author, Old Fool, Retired Steelworker Death will come if you wait long enough...Hopefully it will be a long wait!

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