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Jan 30 12 7:10 AM

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A Writer's Challenge Anthology presented by Wicked East Press and Collaboration of the Dead. A shootout is defined as a gunfight between armed groups. In the case of the Wicked East/Collaboration of the Dead Shootout, the guns are the writer's insane  creativity and the bullets are their words. It's high noon and these warriors  are ready for battle. Enjoy stories that were written based on four different  prompts:No Time Like...: Time Travel/Bending Stories, Good in Evil/Evil in Good,  911... Not What You Expected? And Second Chances. Just keep your head down...  You may catch one between the eyes! Includes stories by: Aaron Rayner, Cassie  Shaver, David Naughton-Shires, Mark Souza, Mark Taylor, Michael S. Gardner &  Rebecca Besser.

Available at Pill Hill Press Book Shoppe, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.
Available on Kindle and Nook.

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